Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Because an Idea is enough!

I have always been fascinated with what Dove does in terms of its marketing - I mean, people might argue that the occasional campaigns about building self esteem that Dove runs helps them build their brand - and it does - but I have also believed in the power of being selfless - and once that happens, it comes back to you - one way or the other. That's when you have earned it!

Dove has been quite popular with several of its initiatives - there was "Dove Evolution", "Dove Onslaught", "True Colors", and now they have come out with another one - "Dove Real Beauty Sketches", and I think they have outdone themselves again! Watch it to see how engagement can be built without looking for profits or sales or promoting any of your products - because an idea is enough!

And then people say Marketing is priceless - and I say, why not?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

I am Ready..!

I am ready!So I just came out of a business meeting – a first for me – and even though I went in with a little hesitation and a small amount of fear, I am out with nothing more than a scratch! Not that the meeting went on superbly, or my presentation floored my manager – no, it’s nothing like that at all – not even close! In fact, if I could, I would admit that I am a little disappointed in myself. But there’s always a next time – a next time for better implementation – a next time for greater insightfulness – and a next time for ‘over-the-top-blow-my-mind-away’ kind of a presentation.

The point is that time and experience teaches so many things. And I am completely trying hard to swim through and absorb all that I can. And I know there will be hardships and people will eye me for the lack of experience, but I think what will keep me shaking my leg till the end is the belief I have in myself. I am ready to take the slack, because I am ready to learn – because when there’s learning, there’s growth and happiness! Till then, I am ready to take in some more hesitation and some more amounts of fear – because when it’s time for my ‘next’ business meeting, I know I will be Ready!

Friday, November 9, 2012

And then they say...

They say…there are times for new beginnings, and then there are times for proving yourself in those beginnings. Not because you have to prove a point to someone – but because youwant to show it to yourself – that the entire journey till that point was all worth the trouble!
To be honest, I still can’t believe that one year is over. I mean, not that I didn’t want it to – I was waiting for it to get over – but I guess, reality is a bit different from what you think it will be. And it’s only when it hits, that it dawns upon you how terribly you are going to miss everything that you wanted to end so soon – all the bitching, all the late night walks, all that in-class desperation! Wow, it has been quite an eventful year. And now that I am trying to move on, I have no choice but to look back and smile – smile at everything I have done right, and at all the major blunders I have gotten myself in and out of.
There are quite a few people I see in this new journey – people I meet and interact with. And I wonder – if all this was to be here – at this place – at this time. I talk to these people, and I like the way I feel. They make me feel welcomed. They say I am one of them now, and talk about all the stuff that reminds me of the people I used to work with before. It’s all the same. Everything is different, everything is new – yet it feels the same – all the same. And then they say, “People change, things go wrong, life goes on and nothing will ever be the same.”

Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Nostalgia

Ever wondered what would you give to go back in time – to undo what has already been done? A few days ago, I would have said who cares about the past – Ask me now, and the answer would turn out to be two worlds apart. The justification is simple and straight-forward: a few days ago, I was amongst the people I love the most in the world – the people I know would do absolutely anything for me. And today, I am in a place where I need to spot people who barely match my frequency – and trust me – that ain’t easy!


As I reach the ‘Land of Dreams’, I figure I should be excited. It’s a new place – a new life – a chance of a lifetime…but as I travel in the cab gazing at the scenic beauty of this place, I wonder if it’s all worth it. I know it’s gonna be – am not denying it – not even one bit – but right now – at this precise moment – I doubt! For the people are different, and the place a surprise at every corner. I just wish it to be alright – to get it over with – to be home again – to be back to the feeling of not caring about the past.