Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Because an Idea is enough!

I have always been fascinated with what Dove does in terms of its marketing - I mean, people might argue that the occasional campaigns about building self esteem that Dove runs helps them build their brand - and it does - but I have also believed in the power of being selfless - and once that happens, it comes back to you - one way or the other. That's when you have earned it!

Dove has been quite popular with several of its initiatives - there was "Dove Evolution", "Dove Onslaught", "True Colors", and now they have come out with another one - "Dove Real Beauty Sketches", and I think they have outdone themselves again! Watch it to see how engagement can be built without looking for profits or sales or promoting any of your products - because an idea is enough!

And then people say Marketing is priceless - and I say, why not?


N. J. S. Walia said...

This is just the beginning !!!!!!!! Many more highly successful decades to come by the grace of God. Incidently, I did not know that you can also become philosophical .all the best.

Anonymous said...

Time changes …. So do people …… although I am not a big fan of it but , change is always not so bad…..
The first day I met u, u were just a normal sardarji with a little tilted pagdi :)… just normal…. But time passed and first time in my life I was proven wrong….. u were much more than a regular guy…… so much of talent…. On top of that ….. that cute smile :). I will be following your blog as much as I can….. coz most of the time u say things … Things that touches the soul. Keep doing good ….. lot of love….

Gagandeep Singh Walia said...

@N.J.S Walia: Thank you very much. There is more to what meets the eyes. :P

Gagandeep Singh Walia said...

@Anonymous: Do I have a tilted "pagdi"? :O
Thank you so much for your comment. I am flattered to the extend that I might just burst! :P It would be lovely to know who you are - to give you a face and to know the person who thinks my smile is cute! Ah, what glory! :)
Thank you for your sweet comment - it just goes on to prove that I am blessed because I have people like you who appreciate what I do. Thank you for that - and for all the wishes that come my way from you! :-)

abhay said...

nice post